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Our staff has a variety of industry-recognized certifications and degrees

One of many ways that we aim to keep providing customers with the best possible service is our continued investment in the education and growth of our people. We only hire the most highly-skilled professionals, and continually train and keep them updated in the latest technologies so we can help you win and grow your business.

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Ismaran Duwadi stepped into a pivotal role at the helm of one of the tech industry’s most dynamic and innovative companies. With a wealth of experience in both technology and business leadership, Duwadi brought a unique blend of strategic vision, operational expertise, and a passion for driving growth and innovation to his position.


Suresh Kansakar, who serves as the Chief Business Officer (CBo) at Code Himalaya and holds the esteemed position of CEO at Mofin Technologies. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in business expansion, Suresh has played a pivotal role in integrating various fintech software solutions, driving growth, and fostering innovation in both organizations.

Ishwor Thapa’s appointment as Associate CEO of CodeHimalaya marks a pivotal moment in his career and the company’s path towards innovation and expansion. With a remarkable blend of visionary leadership, technical acumen, and a deep understanding of market dynamics, Thapa has swiftly emerged as a key figure within CodeHimalaya’s executive team, shaping its strategic direction and fostering operational excellence.

Ishan Shrestha’s appointment as Deputy Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at CodeHimalaya marked a pivotal moment in his career and the company’s technological advancement. With extensive software engineering experience, a fervent interest in emerging technologies, and adept leadership, Ishan swiftly assumed a crucial role in shaping CodeHimalaya’s technical vision and strategic direction. His journey to the Deputy CTO position was defined by notable achievements in the technology.

Sagar Limbu is an experienced and technically proficient professional, serving as the Deputy Chief Strategy Officer and a founding member of Code Himalaya. With over a decade of industry experience, he possesses a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape and demonstrates a strong commitment to driving growth and success through strategic decision-making and innovation

Arish Nepal is a seasoned professional honored to hold the position of Deputy Chief Technology Officer at MOFIN. With over 7 years of experience in the technical domain, he has spearheaded numerous projects and products that have significantly advanced industry objectives. Arish’s journey in technology is fueled by passion, driving him to continuously explore and embrace emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Ayusma Aryal serves as the Deputy CFO at Code Himalaya, bringing with her a distinguished background as a Chartered Accountant. In her pivotal role, she holds the reins of financial stewardship within Code Himalaya, spearheading and managing all crucial financial activities with precision and expertise. Ayusma’s adept leadership ensures the financial health and strategic growth of the organization, cementing her as an indispensable asset within the company’s executive echelon.

Suyog Man Singh, as an Associate Chief Strategy Officer, leverages over 7 years of rich experience to navigate the strategic landscape of the organization. With a background in project management and adept team leadership, Suyog has consistently driven teams to achieve exceptional outcomes across diverse projects.

Ranjan Khanal, as the QA Manager at Code Himalaya, brings a wealth of expertise in Quality Analysis and Automation, overseeing the team’s efforts to ensure task effectiveness and overall workforce readiness. Leading by example, he provides guidance and training to uplift the team’s skills, prioritizing quality analysis to mitigate issues and optimize revenue generation opportunities for the organization

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