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The Begining

In 2021, the Code Himalaya journey commenced as a group of like-minded tech enthusiasts converged, initiating their venture into product development and tech services.


Code Himalaya empowers with innovative tech, delivering transformative solutions for streamlined operations and sustainable growth. Guided by integrity and collaboration, we are the trusted partner in navigating the digital landscape.

We are global

Code Himalaya is a global tech company, uniting diverse perspective and expertise to drive the innovation worldwide. our reach extends across borders, empowering business and individuals on a global scale.

Why US

Choose Code Himalaya for unparalled expertise and dedication to your success. With a global delivery experience, we provide top tech people, harness cutting-edge technology to deliver transformative solutions, empowering you to thrive in ever-evolving digital landscape.


Excellence is not just our goal; it's our standard, driving every aspect of our company.


Commitment is at the heart of our company, driving us to deliver excellence in every endeavor.


Passion drives our every endeavor, infusing creativity and dedication into everything we do.


Clarity is our guiding principle, ensuring transparency and understanding in all our interactions.

A team built on experience

We are expanding our national and global network, uniting a dynamic team renowned for exceptional service and technical prowess. With over 250 employees at Code Himalaya and 400+ across our sister companies, our team is rapidly expanding.

Better together

While work holds significance, so does the element of enjoyment! We value our partnerships deeply, infusing creativity and fun into problem-solving endeavors. Our passion for our work and dedication to client satisfaction ensure every interaction is met with enthusiasm and a smile. Life’s too short not to savor the every moment!



CodeHimalaya has Invested in a Tech College which is one of the best tech college in the country. We want to produce our own resources.

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