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Dedicated Software Development Team Service

Maximize your business efficiency - create and hire a dedicated team or a single developer from the Code Himalaya talent pool. This would operate just like your in-house dream team but without any additional operational costs.

Our dedicated development team seamlessly integrates into your business until the project is finished or until a particular deadline. We offer a wide variety of professionals such as software engineers, DevOps, QA specialists, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, and more. We guarantee long-term cooperation, transparent billing and partner relations. No worries about recruitment, administrative support, or other overhead expenses.

Team Augmentation Offering

  • Full-cycle dedicated teams

    Get onboard teams of any tech expertise and industry background to engage in your software projects. We will build the teams and acustom the strategies around your needs.

  • Single tech specialists or an extension to your in-house team

    Augment your team with highly-skilled professionals to cover specific development needs. Start the process by reviewing the CVs, choosing those who you think will fit best and get the technical progress rolling.

  • CTO as a service

    Welcome a technically sound and seasoned leader who will manage all technology-related issues and implement timesaving innovations to achieve the goals your business strives for.

  • Project-based software development services

    Get an A to Z project developed, managed and released by Code Himalaya team of professionals. Some of them can even be a part-time involvement, depending on the project workload or timeline.

Dedicated Development Team of Experts


Java, Python, .NET, PHP, NodeJs

Mobile App

Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, React Native


React Js, Angular, VueJs


PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, SQLite


Docker, Jenkins, GIT


Manual & Automated Testing

Book the space with us, we will take care of the skill heads.

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Benefits of an Augmentation Team with Code Himalaya

  • Fast Start

    We will build your dedicated development team as fast as possible based on your requirements and needs.

  • Reduced Recruitment Time

    We find the perfect fit talents for you. Without any time to waste, you can skip reviewing the CVs and rely on our CTO’s expertise to build the team.

  • No Infrastructure Costs

    Our team is working in the Code Himalaya office using robust hardware & software. We organize a comfortable work space, buy coffee and cookies, and provide medical insurance.

  • No Hidden Fees or Costs

    You pay once a month only for our team working full time.

  • Minimized Risks

    We sign NDA and provide easily-cancellable contracts at your convenience.

  • Finest Tech Talent Pool

    Choose the best ones by desire. Get the CVs and interview those you would consider.

  • Rapid Scalability

    If you need more talent, we are ready to expand the team at your earliest convenience.

  • Not Limited by Geography

    We practice remote working with all of our clients. Business trips can be organized on a as needed basis without any issues.

  • Exclusive Rights & Security

    The client has exclusive rights to their software product that the team is working on.

Book the space with us, we will take care of the skill heads.

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